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The Jennings Superior Court was established by Indiana State Statute (Indiana Code 33-33-40-2) and has been in existence since January 1, 1997. Pursuant to Indiana Code 33-33-40-4 the Jennings Superior Court has the same jurisdiction as the Jennings Circuit Court. By local rule, The Jennings Superior Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors, felony OMVWI charges, infractions, all small claims cases, all protective orders, one half of all civil claims, one half of all divorces and all divorce cases filed by a self represented litigant. There are approximately 3800 cases filed in the Jennings Superior Court each year.

The Jennings Superior Court is located on the first floor of the Jennings County Courthouse, 24 North Pike Street, PO Box 490, Vernon, Indiana 47282.

The Honorable Gary L. Smith is the current Judge of the Jennings Superior Court and began serving in that capacity January 1, 2009. Judge Smith graduated from Indiana University - Bloomington in 1984 with a bachelor degree in Political Science and History. He received his law degree from Indiana University - Indianapolis in 1988. Judge Smith is also a member of the Indiana Judicial Committee on Ethics and Professionalism.
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